George Zimmerman

New Video Work

I recently completed these two video pieces.  I have been working on them for awhile, but decided to finish them in light of the changing conversation on guns in America. 

The first piece, Training Wheels (2018), uses appropriated video game footage of the game that Adam Lanza was playing for weeks, leading up to the Sandy Hook school shooting. I removed the native audio and replaced it with uplifting, reggae music, to create a soundtrack dissonance. You may also notice that the player never fires a single shot, and the outcome of the simulated massacre is still the same.  The intention of the piece is to raise questions about the nature of violence in the media and its role in our current gun violence epidemic in America. Music: "Work It Out (Instrumental)" by Afro Omega, licensed by Audiosocket.

The second piece, Neighborhood Watch (2018), juxtaposes the banality of an evening walk through a neighborhood, to the audio of George Zimmerman's 911 call the night he killed Trayvon Martin. How does the audio clip change the way we feel as we move deeper into this suburban neighborhood? How do we reconcile a sense of security with the realities of privilege?