Darkroom Gallery: Semblance


Juror's Statement:

I was presented with the task of selecting a finite number of photographic portraits for a show in a gallery. Does that mean select the best photos? Does it mean to select a group of photos that make a cohesive show? Does it mean I should be cognoscente that there is an equal distribution of B&W, Color, Men, Women and Children? Does it mean I should be sure to include interiors, exteriors, daytime and nighttime images? The answer for me is yes and no.

Here's what I did. I selected what I felt were the most unique, compelling, curious, interesting, fun and/or any other attribute that made the photo stand out from the rest. This first set of images was approximately twice the size of where we needed to be for the show. Now the hard part. Break these photos down into a group that A) made sense together and B) stood on their own individually. In the end I had to remove images that were very good but didn't make sense to me for the flow of the show. Its always tough to cut a good image, but that's the reality of putting photos on walls in rooms.
I hope you all enjoy my version of the "Semblance" show.


Toy Soldier #2 , 2015, Archival Pigment Print, 24"x30"

Toy Soldier #2, 2015, Archival Pigment Print, 24"x30"