Self Portrait Series

These are some of the images I took for my 15 hour review at SCAD. 

This work is an investigation into the various roles and new environments I find myself in since moving to Savannah. All the work is taken within a few miles from my new home as I wanted to explore the variations in places that I see on a daily basis. Often, these are places that go unnoticed, yet we recognize them as elements of a larger landscape in America's suburbs and rural areas. Several aspects of the work are intended to be ironic and playful as I was developing a longer narrative. 

I chose self-portraiture and used props like the chair to explore my relationship to the spaces around me.  As an outsider and spectator of this new environment, I wanted to physically be in the places and incorporate elements of myself into the scene.  The motif of the chair and other props is personal to me and comes from childhood memories.  With these, I wanted to explore the relationship between memory and the reality of my current location.