Time and Emotion - Cinemagraphs

For this series, I was interested in exploring the relationship between time and emotion.  We can experience time in different ways, depending on our emotional connection to the event.  The phrase, "Time flies when you are having fun," or the sense of time dragging on during unpleasant experiences are examples of this.  

Having recently become a father, I too have experienced this strange connection between time and the emotions surrounding parenthood.  When my son is in a good mood or sleeping in my arms, time seems to fly by so quickly.  I look back on the last three months and wonder where the time has gone.  However, when my son is screaming for no apparent reason and nothing I try seems to relieve his pain, time seems to stand still.  I look at the clock and the hands don't seem to move.

To capture this relationship between time and emotion, I chose to create cinemagraphs.  This allows aspects of time to be exaggerated and highlighted through a combination of still and moving images.  Some images play on time moving quicker than normal and others play on a sense of time standing still.  Some of the cinemagraphs also question the repetitiveness of our lives and how monotony can become normal.